Top 100 Best Short Birthday Wishes

Short Birthday Wishes

Short Birthday Wishes

Short Birthday Wishes

You needn’t bother with a ton of words to wish somebody an upbeat birthday. The fact is to tell the exceptional individual you’re contemplating them on their enormous day. You can do that with a concise birthday card message, a content, an internet-based life post, or even by addressing them up close and personal (what an original thought!).

Indeed, the words “glad birthday” are all you truly require. In any case, at that point, that may be excessively short – also conventional. To enable you to think of a message that is significant without being verbose, here’s a rundown of short birthday wishes for all the imperative individuals throughout your life.


Here are some short and straightforward birthday messages that work for pretty much anybody.

All the best on your birthday – may you have many, some more.

Wishing you the most joyful of birthdays.

All the best for a phenomenal individual on [his/her] birthday.

Cheerful Birthday! Today is a decent day to invest some energy with family, and some cash on yourself.

I trust you treat yourself to something exceptional on your birthday – you merit it!

Cheerful Birthday to one of my most loved individuals on earth.

Getting more established sucks, yet you make it look simple.

You make life more diversion for everybody you meet. A debt of gratitude is in order for being you.

Congrats on one more year very much lived.

Short Birthday Wishes

Short Birthday Wishes

You do as such much for other people, I trust you discover time to help out yourself on your birthday.


Putting a grin all over is extraordinary compared to other things you can improve the situation them on their birthday. Here are some short and amusing birthday wishes you can utilize.

Your birthday’s here! One more year! Have optimism! Get a brew!

I trust everybody recollects your birthday, yet overlooks how old you are.

Congrats on one more year on Earth.

There’s something noticeable all around today… I believe it’s an old fart.

I’d instruct you to ruin yourself today, yet you’re as of now entirely spoiled!

Have an incredible birthday, and make sure to never behave.

More established, smarter, AND sexier? You’re accomplishing something right, [girl/boy].

You will require a greater cake for every one of those candles!

Brighten up. Turning a year more established is superior to the option.

Keep in mind, you can escape with anything when it’s your birthday.


A couple of decent words can truly make somebody’s (birth)day. Here are some short and sweet messages for somebody who implies a ton to you.

On the off chance that you get even a large portion of the birthday presents you merit, I’ll come spare you. Since you’ll be suffocating in them.

Hopefully, you have a birthday that is as exceptional and brilliant as you seem to be.

I’m so appreciative you were conceived on this day [age] years prior. It resembles an occasion for me!

There’s insufficient room on the planet for all the birthday presents you merit.

Cheerful Birthday to somebody who just shows signs of improvement and better with age.

For some, more sweet birthday wishes, see these “Glad Birthday, Beautiful” messages.

For Best Friend

The closest companion merits a one of a kind birthday wish, for example, one of the accompanyings.

I’m commenting today. It’s the commemoration of my most loved individual being conceived.

Cheerful Birthday to somebody who’s complete, emphatically basic to me.

In the event that being magnificent were a wrongdoing, you’d be on the highest point of the Most Wanted rundown. Cheerful Birthday!

Wishing my BFF an FFB (Effing Fantastic Birthday).

Glad Birthday to one of the most awesome individuals who at any point lived.

For Boyfriend

Short Birthday Wishes

Short Birthday Wishes

Here are some short birthday wishes for a beau.

Expectation you have an amazing day! The best sweetheart ever merits the best birthday ever!

Sending you birthday wishes, embraces, and kisses.

Glad Birthday to the man I cherish. You merit everything life brings to the table.

Loads of affection to my birthday lover.

A debt of gratitude is in order for being conceived [age] years back and growing up to be so damn saucy.

For Girlfriend

Here are some fast messages for a unique woman on her birthday.

I’m commending you today since you mean such a great amount to me.

Glad Birthday! I can hardly wait to give you your “squeeze to grow an inch” in private.

Glad Birthday to somebody who makes each day of my life uncommon.

One day isn’t sufficient to commend somebody as unique as you.

Upbeat Birthday, child. I’ll be considering all of your days today… simply like each other day.

For Mother

Your mother will without a doubt be contacted that you even recollected her birthday. Here are a few thoughts on what to state.

Cheerful Birthday to the best mother a child could request!

Expectation you get some an opportunity to unwind on your birthday – you’ve earned it following quite a while of dealing with me.

Upbeat Birthday to somebody who constantly made my youth birthdays unique.

For more thoughts – a group progressively – see this rundown of birthday wishes for Mom.

For Father

Need to think of a short saying for Dad on his enormous day? Here are a few thoughts.

Glad Birthday to a serious father.

Father, a debt of gratitude is in order for being conceived. I wouldn’t be here without you.

Father, I didn’t generally value you when I was growing up, yet I beyond any doubt do now. Have a decent one.

For Brother

Here are some short messages for a sibling on his birthday.

You resemble a monkey, and you seem as though one as well. Glad Birthday, brother!

You’re great at this sibling thing. I’m so happy you were conceived [age] years back.

Growing up with you was never exhausting, yet I wouldn’t have it some other way.

For Sister

Also, here are some short maxims for a birthday sister.

You’re my sister and my companion, and you’re similarly astonishing at both. Cheerful Birthday, Sis!

I wouldn’t have said this when we were kids, yet I’m extremely happy you were conceived.

My life would be about 99% less amazing without you – thanks and Happy Birthday!

For Cousin

At last, here are some concise adages to wish a cousin a cheerful birthday.

Cheerful Birthday to a cousin who’s been similar to a [brother/sister] to me.

Birthday hugs for my cuz.

Expectation you get birthday introduces by the dozen, my cousin.

In a rush? Browse the best short birthday wishes on the web — in a moment or two — appropriate here.

Regardless of whether you might want to send your birthday wishes by means of content, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest or LinkedIn, you’ll find precisely what you require on this page.

Make your companions, family and friends and family right away feel extraordinary on their birthday. Directly beneath are a wide decision of unique, flawlessly composed, short birthday welcome (birthday wishes that are 110 characters or less) you can send them.

See the widely adored birthday messages

Short birthday wishes, when composed well, can be exactly what you have to make your friends and family feel exceptional on their birthday, yet they should just be utilized in unique conditions (as I would like to think).

By and by, I favor short birthday wishes when I send my birthday to welcome to the family, companions, sweethearts, and associates by means of content, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest or LinkedIn — when curtness is fundamental.

You truly shouldn’t pick short birthday messages when you can utilize a welcome card or eCard to send your birthday wishes since you will have more space for a long birthday welcoming, a greatly improved approach to completely express how you feel about the birthday kid or young lady.

Acknowledge the past and grasp what’s to come. The best of life is yet to come. Glad birthday.

Disregard your age. Keep in mind every one of the gifts you have in your life. Glad birthday.

You’ve been honored with great recollections. Continue making them. Glad birthday.

Life is short. Set out on the same number of undertakings as you need, as long as you can. Cheerful birthday.

Bounce in, head first, at whatever point you can. Life ought to be an experience. Upbeat birthday.

Cheerful birthday to a boss who realizes what genuine triumph is about.

Each birthday with you is a beloved newborn, much the same as you. Glad birthday.

You’re our light. You make the sun sparkle, even on the stormiest of days. Upbeat birthday.

You merit a tremendous festival. Cheerful birthday.

May you discover genuine delight in each minute. Glad birthday!

Amazing, you’re as yet the excellent, legit and minding individual you were the day we met. Upbeat birthday!

Wishing you the most joyful of birthdays, today and consistently, for whatever is left of your life.

Here’s to your exceptional day, a birthday stuffed with all that you cherish and appreciate.

Wishing you a birthday loaded up with the adoration, energy, and achievement you merit.

Trusting your birthday day is as stunning as you are to me.

May you have a lot more birthdays to light up everybody’s life. Upbeat birthday.

Trusting you have very long tons of birthdays to fill the world with euphoria.

You are the sparkling string in the woven artwork of our lives. Cheerful birthday.

Glad birthday. Appreciate the ride today and the adventure perpetually tomorrow!

Cheerful birthday. Today is the day we praise your landing on earth. Gracious, upbeat day!

You’ve generally been a gift and motivation to everybody around you! Cheerful birthday.

You are a brilliant individual. May you have a great birthday and life.

May you commend over an era of birthdays to make everything you could ever hope for materialized.

The sun is sparkling all the more brilliantly today, just to wish “Cheerful Birthday” to you.

Trusting all your birthday wishes take off, bringing you ever higher, until the point that you can contact the sky.

Remember and praise your good fortune consistently, particularly on your birthday. Upbeat birthday.

Upbeat birthday. Praise your exceptional day and everything that makes you much more extraordinary.

Sending birthday wishes your way for the best of everything your huge heart wants.

May you have a delightful day and year ahead. Upbeat birthday.

May your fortunes last until the point when everything you could ever want to be worked out. Cheerful birthday.

Make the most of your birthday and each birthday savor the experience of the store for you.

Give your age a chance to be a notice of all that you have been honored to appreciate throughout everyday life.

Your birthday will be so incredible. I’ll ensure it. Upbeat birthday.

It’s a great opportunity to put on your birthday party cap and get your birthday festivity going!

May satisfaction and fervor discover you on your birthday and lasting through the year!

In lieu of a birthday present, here’s a birthday wish.

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