Worth Fighting For - The Path of a Patriot Gary Cohen


Published: November 6th 2011

Kindle Edition

129 pages


Worth Fighting For - The Path of a Patriot  by  Gary Cohen

Worth Fighting For - The Path of a Patriot by Gary Cohen
November 6th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 129 pages | ISBN: | 4.41 Mb

This emotional true story is a first-person account of artist Steve Alpert’s journey of self-discovery to find purpose and meaning in his life and his art. After finishing college and not being drafted for service in Vietnam, Alpert moved on to a successful career as a television producer/director. Alpert’s seemingly orderly life is upended by a brief but moving visit to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington that generates more questions than answers for him.

However, he buries the questions until they flood back one fateful day in 2003, when he sees a photo in the NY Times of a downed U.S. Military Blackhawk helicopter. Alpert begins to paint Blackhawk images with no understanding of why or what he will do with the paintings. Alpert takes the reader on his journey of passion and transformation.In trying to find meaning in his life, Alpert has a quick flashback that takes him to his college dorm and Vietnam draft numbers.

It generates a new drive within that spurs even more paintings. With chance encounters that take him and his art to Walter Reed Army Hospital to visit recovering soldiers- NASA- Washington D.C. with the possibility of presenting his painting to the President of the United States- and to Dover AFB, where a member of the Honor Guard literally steps out of a door and off the canvas to shake Alpert’s hand.

Baby boomers, artists and those seeking meaning in life will surely connect with the challenges, revelations and Alpert’s ultimate epiphany.Along the way, be prepared to be thoroughly entertained and engaged by the author’s ability to rivet you in this moving story. The book is part adventure, part emotional roller coaster, and part journey of self-discovery.

About duty, honor and courage, it is also a tribute to those who serve. This is the story of a man that finds meaning and purpose in his life through introspection and the resulting life experiences that his art leads him to. The result is a moving story about how following your heart and your passion can lead to happiness and service to others.

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